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ABM SINOCHRON®Motors are permanently excited synchronous motors, e.g. rotor speed matches the rotational frequency of the revolving stator field. In comparison to common induction motors they feature outstanding efficiency, high power density and compact dimensions and to conventional synchronous motors no encoder feedback for inverter or servo control operation is required.

SINOCHRON®Motor design features almost perfect sinusoidal distribution of the magnetic flux. With this unique property SINOCHRON®Motors are perfectly suited for sensorless operation and offer an economical alternative to expensive servo drives. Concurrently they boast better dynamic behaviour and efficiency than induction motors.

Simple rotor design, with internally located high performance magnets, allow for more economical manufacturing of SINOCHRON®Motors than servo motors without major impact on power density and control behaviour.
Sinusoidal magnetic flux minimizes troublesome cogging and improves rotational behaviour and noise emissions over conventional permanent magnet motors.

SINOCHRON®Motors have been specifically developed for two target markets:

• Tougher application demands (dynamic behaviour, positioning, efficiency etc.)
  require replacement of existing induction motors (power grid or inverter
• Market pressure to replace servo drives with lower cost alternative but
  comparable performance capability.