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Application Example for SDC Drive Controllers:
High speed ring spinning system for high volume production of fancy yarns
ABM Sensorless Drive Controller SDC

ABM Sensorless Drive Controller SDC is a specifically tuned speed controller for ABM SINOCHRON®Motors. A particularly developed system to capture rotor positions from electrical data allows operation without mechanical encoders. This sensorless concept allows reliable, controlled operation from zero to maximum speed.

With mathematical determination of rotor position demanding functions such as positioning, synchronous run control or electronic differential features can now be realized. Even servo or inverter controlled drives can only meet demands for such applications with expensive positioning or speed encoders.

Omitting mechanical encoders and their troublesome wiring and connectors reduce system costs considerably without major impact to accuracy and dynamic behaviour.

Sensorless Drive Controller SDC has been specifically developed for two key applications:

• Where accuracy and dynamic behaviour exceed the capability of inverter
  controlled induction motors 
• Where special functions such as positioning or synchronized run control
  require expensive servo drives but less accuracy and dynamic movement
  would be sufficient.