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Application Example of SINOCHRON® Drives:
High Speed Industrial Doors
Benefits / Application Examples
ABM SINOCHRON®Motor excel especially with:

• High Efficiency
Major difference between SINOCHRON®Motors and induction motors is outstanding efficiency over complete load range. With high-grade Neodymium-Iron-Bor magnets no rotor losses occur. This results in superior efficiencies especially in partial load range exceeding even premium class requirements for induction motors (induction motors require expensive copper rotors to meet premium class specifications).

• 40% Higher Power Density
Another benefit of SINOCHRON®Motors results from excellent power density and a more compact envelope compared to induction motors. In many applications e.g. textile machinery, rotor shaft driven or auxiliary fan cooling can be eliminated.

• Improved Reliability
Simple design and robust construction and no need for encoders with their troublesome wiring make the SINOCHRON®Motors especially reliable even in tough environments.

Typical Applications

• Textile Machines
• Packaging Machines
• Conveyor Drives
• Industrial Doors
• Screw Compressors
• Vacuum Pumps
• Medical Technology
• Machine Building and many more