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The ABM program of asynchronous motors comprises the full range of model sizes from 56 - 160, each with a choice of standard lengths. It also features a large number of developments that have already been implemented and used with success. This is based on the great flexibility that is essential for the production of made-to-measure drives, individual winding design and the extruded aluminium housing for very compact drives are just two good examples of this.

ABM asynchronous motors are available as IEC standard motors, low-energy motors, built-on motors for gearboxes and transmissions, rotary field magnets, special-purpose motors and low voltage AC motors (specifically for use in battery-powered vehicles).

ABM Three-Phase AC Motors
• Model size 56 - 160
• Rated power from 0.06 to 30 kW
• High efficiency
• 2 - 12 pole versions
• Pole-changing up to 12/2 pole
• Types according to IEC and customer specific
• Enclosure class up to IP66
• Special voltages 7 V to 690 V
• Speeds up to 10,000 RPM
• Temperature class F

ABM Single-Phase Motors
• Model size 56 - 90
• Rated power from 0.06 to 3 kW
• 2 and 4 pole versions
• Starting capacitor and starting relay for high starting torques (ERKK)
• Minimal running noise
• Types according to IEC and customer specific

ABM Special Motors
• Brake motors
• Low-energy motors
• Low voltage AC motors
• Rotary field magnets (DG)
• Vibration motors (RD)
• Motors with integral flywheel (KD)
• Motors with Steinmetz connection (DEK)
• Vacuum-cast canned motors IP66
• Generators
• Inverter motors
• Custom models in diecast aluminium