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Profi Drive Controller PDC

Logical Drive Controller LDC

Motor Drive Controller MDC
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Today's machinery need to be flexible and powerful. Such requirements call for speed controlled drives. ABM frequency inverters in conjunction with ABM geared motors ideally match these requirements. Electronically controlled drive technology from ABM incorporates:

• Gearbox
• Motor
• Brake
• Frequency Inverter
• Start-up and Support

Characteristics of the Profi Drive Controller PDC (VFD-E)
• 100% digital
• Good price/performance ratio
• Compact and modular design
• Integrated EMC filter
• U/f and sensor-less flux vector control
• Integrated brake chopper
• PID control, PLC function etc.

Characteristics of the Logical Drive Controller LDC (CDA / CDB)
• Sophisticated performance and substantial functionality
• Metal housing - assuring advanced EMC properties
• Integrated EMC filter up to 7.5kW
• U/f control characteristic, sensor-less flux vector and field oriented control as
  standard (CDA)
• Programming via software eases the start-up
• Positioning applications in conjunction with asynchronous motors (CDB)

Characteristics of the Motor Drive Controller MDC
• Inverter electronics encapsulated into terminal box
• High protection grade
• Integrated EMC filter
• Very cost effective, EMC-conform design eliminating screened motor cables
• U/f control
• Simple programming and start-up