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Quality and Reliability for a wide range of Applications
Drive Technology for Machine Builders
In many areas of machine building e.g. high speed doors, air compressors, construction equipment, packaging machinery and vehicle inspection equipment ABM Greiffenberger drive solutions are market leaders.
ABM Greiffenberger is a one-stop manufacturer of all key drive components such as electrical motors, gearboxes, brakes and electronic controllers. All components are optimally fine tuned and engineered to function perfectly in their required application.
Taylor-made or Flexible Modular System
Through many years of experience, technical know-how and a vast product spectrum ABM Greiffenberger manages both approaches equally well:
• individual development of custom drives
• cost-effective drives from a modular kit for small batch series.
Vertical integration of our manufacturing including aluminum die cast with die shop guarantees best implementation and integration of components to a compact drive unit.
Continuous Innovations for Better Efficiency and Reliability
A good example for our innovation policy is the exceptionally powerful and efficient SINOCHRON®Motor that can operate without expensive encoders. This patented technology combines high performance, minimal investments and low operating cost to a trend-setting symbiosis. Direct and unbureaucratic decision making and the flexibility of a mid-size company with manufacturing in Germany guarantee prompt, comprehensive and competent customer service.
For further information, please contact:
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