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High-quality drive unit solutions for cranes and hoist
Drive units for cranes and hoists

40 years of experience and more than one million hoist drive units. That is the sound standing foundation of the specially designed product program of ABM Greiffenberger for the demanding hoist technology.

ABM Greiffenberger offers a complete system solution from one source of hoist drive units over hoist motors all the way to travel drive units and frequency inverters.

ABM Greiffenberger stands for powerful, durable and cutting edge solutions for your competitive advantage.

Hoist drive units: Powerful and safe
The compact hoist drive units of ABM Greiffenberger are equipped with a 12/2-pole asynchronous cylinder-rotor motor as standard. ABM Greiffenberger offers 4-pole hoist motors with encoder for the use in frequency controlled hoists.
The motor transforms the torque through the special hoist drive unit to the drum. That results in an extremely compact design. The top-quality helical gearing allows for low wear and quiet operation – even at high loads. Mounting of the drum on the output shaft allows for cost savings.
Travel drive units: Dynamic and low vibration
Two drive unit series achieve different requirements to speed and precision:
The PROFI-LINE offers two travel speeds. Pole-switching motors (8/2- pole) with specially designed windings and rotors allow for safe soft start.
Typical operational areas are low-vibrant transport of sheet metal and coils or handling of cases, containers and components in assembly halls.
The AUTOMATION-LINE stands for variable speeds. Especially for inverter use designed 4-pole motors can be operated with an 87 Hz-characteristic. Important parameters like acceleration and deceleration ramps can be adjusted individually via the controller. The exceptionally soft start and braking characteristic of the drive units reduces load swings to a minimum.
AUTOMATION-LINE drive units are especially well-suited for use in the glass industry, handling of paper coils or insertion of moulds or other large tools.
Design according to FEM 
With the specification of load, lifting speed and FEM-group lifting technology specialists at ABM Greiffenberger configure the right drive unit. The classification in FEM-group 2m or higher emphasize for the quality of the drive units. For extremely competitive conditions you receive an extended service life (SWP).
Even outside of the regular product portfolio you are in good hands at ABM Greiffenberger. With profound know-how and powerful design software (like KISSsoft, CAD-Tools, etc.) experienced engineers develop optimized drive unit
solutions. FEM-analysis for validation of the development results are as self-evident as customized tests in a wellequipped lab.
Safe, durable, reliable
Even with diffi cult voltage conditions and in rough environments the powerful drive units of ABM Greiffenberger function reliable and safe. Their dynamic start-up curve assures high starting, cogging and breakdown torques despite soft start.
Thereby, a low-wear double surface safety brake with fastexcitation rectifier takes care of a safe slow-down of your loads. This brake engages automatically in case of a power loss. It responds fast in daily operation and is extremely durable and wear resistant. Should service be necessary after 1 Million cycles an automatic wear indicator will inform the user accordingly.
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