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High-grade Drive Units for Efficient Heating Systems
Well-thought-out solutions for pellet stoves as well as pellet and woodchip heating systems
Biomass heating systems require well-though-out drive unit technology in many areas. Stored wood chips or pellets in a silo need to be conveyed by a removal system and transported to the boiler by an auger, usually via a rotary feeder to prevent burn-back. Additionally, there is continuous cleaning of heat exchangers and ash removal.

ABM Greiffenberger offers an ideally designed solution for each of these applications.

Absolute Energy Efficiency
The use of biomass heating technology documents the high resources and energy awareness of the user. Anybody counting on renewable energies also cares for overall efficiency.

That’s where ABM Greiffenberger sets benchmarks. The high overall efficiency of helical and parallel shaft gearboxes reduces the power input and so the energy intake drastically. ABM geared motors are true energy saver!
Whisper Quiet and Reliable
Today, biomass heating technology is understood as part of a homely environment. Noise emissions would affect the comfort of living and need to be avoided.

At ABM Greiffenberger motor and gearbox are coming from one source. Both components harmonize ideally with each other – without any compromises purchasing parts sometimes require.

High quality gearing guarantee quiet operation. For silencing trimmed and precisely machined aluminum die-cast housings additionally reduce noise emissions.

This high quality demand of ABM Greiffenberger warrants also the high reliability and longevity of the products. Because, only quality assures smooth operation of the heating technology avoiding owners to be sitting in the cold.
Compact Plug-and-Play
Frequently, biomass heating technology needs to be installed in cramped areas requiring a compact drive unit solution. Due to the big center distance of the drive units and the integrated hollow shaft ABM Greiffenberger made a wide spectrum of integration possibilities accessible.

Many layouts are feasible, from integration of the motor into the gearbox housing to a so-called U-mounting of the motor, adapting to the auger.

An especially for the application developed program of components allows an economic and individual configuration. On this basis our customers get true plug-and-play drive unit solutions helping save time and money.
If flexibility counts
If you desire more than standard components, you will be at the right address at ABM Greiffenberger. Because, in our collaboration we respect your wishes and targets and create a fitting solution for you. That is how we stay flexible, even if it comes to special demands.
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