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High Grade Drive Solutions for the Material Handling Industry
Efficient Systems Solutions from a Single Source with Low Energy Consumption

Manufacturers and users of forklifts and electrical vehicles, electrical pallet trucks and even sweeper/scrubbers expect sophisticated drive technology:

high output at optimum energy consumption
low maintenance cost
long life without unexpected down times
compact design
ease of integration into the vehicle

ABM Greiffenberger offers you systems solutions that meet all the demands for traction, lifting and steering – all from a single source.

Exemplary Energy Efficiency
In our gearboxes, made in house, only highest grades of gears are being used. They excel with high efficiency and minimal torsional backlash. This is not only the base for exemplary energy efficiency but also quiet operation. The excellent efficiencies of our AC- and SINOCHRON® motors care for economical use of your battery capacity.
Long Life and Reliable
When it comes to long life and reliability experiences made in other industries such as hoist technologies and wind turbines influenced the development. ABM also supplies complete drive systems to these very demanding industries.
Technology and Integration
With our own aluminium die cast department and tool room we are one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing of aluminium gearbox housings. Combined with in-house manufacturing of high value electrical motors this builds the foundation for optimum tuning and integration of components for compact and innovative drive systems.

Benefit for our customers: minimal mounting space for the drive units offer more design freedom to the vehicle designer for placement of other components and the overall construction of the chassis. Our traction drive with integrated steering is a perfect example for this concept.
Besides the technical features of the drives, ABM’s actual drive program also offers economical advantages: For vehicle OEM’s represent the purchase of complete traction- and steering unit with perfectly tuned components lower design effort and a reduction of interfaces. Not to forget the reduced assembly time and lower parts inventory - ideal conditions for optimum design and smooth production.
Competence by Vertical Integration
Typical for all ABM drives is the high vertical integration: Gearing, available on each platform in different ratios and types of gearing, are manufactured completely just like the electrical motors in house. This makes ABM Greiffenberger a partner that provides the competency in the necessary technologies. Our know-how in all facets of manufacturing build an ideal foundation for optimal drive solutions for your vehicle and company.
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