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Quality Drive Unit Solutions for Electric Vehicles
Efficient system solutions from a single source for high performance with low energy use 
Manufacturers of electric vehicles require a well-thought-out drive technology with the best performance:
In addition to economical driving techniques and good aerodynamics, in order to
     travel long distances, first and foremost efficient drive components are required
The high requirements on automobile and load weight require light-weight
     construction for all the components
The dynamic response and quiet operation of the drive unit system must be
     designed to ensure the optimal driving comfort
Rough environmental conditions and a long operating life require robust and
     reliable solutions
From ABM Greiffenberger, you receive for your application an optimally tailored drive unit solution that fulfills these requirements with the highest performance.
Experience and Competence
ABM Greiffenberger has been one of the world leading manufacturers of electric drive unit systems for battery powered vehicles, especially for material handling. This experience and competence guarantees particularly reliable and innovative drive unit solutions.
If for on-road applications, for all-terrain vehicles, or for different applications in utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and mobile construction vehicles, we know to deal with low voltage and high current.
Exemplary Energy Efficiency
Already today, ABM Greiffenberger utilizes pioneering technologies and materials in many markets which considerably increase the energy efficiency of the motors. The industry-wide proven asynchronous motor was further developed by us for use in mobile traction drive units. Therefore, a very economical alternative to the often preferred permanently excited synchronous motor.

For auxiliaries and accessory equipment, there is also the permanently-excited, sensorlessly controlled, compact and affordable Sinochron® Motor. The electronic control optimized for the specific application once again greatly reduces the system losses for the entire operating mode and increases the efficiency of the entire system.
System Supplier
ABM Greiffenberger offers you gearboxes, motors, brakes, and customer-specific drive control from one supplier. All components are optimally matched for each other. The problematic steps between various suppliers are thus avoided.

Our established competence stretches over all processes, from the aluminum-casting foundry and CNC-machining of the housing to the manufacturing of shafts and cutting of gear teeth, from motor development technology to the assembly and final testing of the products.
Development Expertise
To realize a custom drive unit solution for your application, we offer our competent team from our project planning, design, manufacturing and sales departments.

The development and manufacturing of gear boxes, motors, and the associated drive electronics are the core competence of ABM Greiffenberger for decades. If for safety and environmental conditions for crane drive units or material handling vehicles, for efficiency and noise requirements from renewable energy and warehouse logistics or for the required dynamic response for all these and many other industry applications: with us, you profit from this rich wealth of experience.

As part of our general development, we constantly investigate new technologies and materials, in order to always stay a step ahead.
Please contact us for further information:
Phone: +49 9231 67-0
E-Mail: emobility@abm-drives.com