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Headquarters of ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH in Markredwitz / Germany

ABM Greiffenberger
Our Long-term business goal
Our goal is to be the globally recognized leading provider of application- and customer-specific drive units in the fields of e-mobility, hoisting technology, renewable energies and general industrial applications.
Our key note:

We develop and produce application- and customer-specific drive unit solutions consisting of a motor, a gearbox, electronic drive control and peripheral equipment.

Our products distinguish themselves by their high quality, reliability, performance, energy efficiency, low noise emissions, highest dynamic response, outstanding controllability and both small installation dimensions and competitive economic efficiency.

We guarantee all these benefits by implementing the principles of our quality, environmental, occupational health and safety and energy policy, which are hereby put into effect by the management.

ZVEI Code of Conduct:

For our company's, social responsibility is very important! Therefore, ABM is committed to respect and comply to the rules of the ZVEI Code of Conduct. This applies both for dealing with external partners of the company (customers and suppliers) as well as for our actions within the company, and around the world. The ZVEI Code of Conduct is based on internationally established standards and agreements, as well as statutory provisions.

Download ZVEI Code of Conduct (PDF-file, 4 pages, 236 KB)